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Education Intelligence is the British Council's global research team specialising in higher education. At the forefront of providing quality information on internationalisation activities and trends, Education Intelligence delivers timely, valuable and reliable data, research and analysis, enabling informed, and more effective decision-making and planning.

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Exclusive research that explores major education trends and identifies emerging opportunities.

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    This report is designed to give you an overview of the current economic and social environment in Germany. It provides a window onto the factors that are shaping Germany’s education system and outlines current trends in student...

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    Europe’s economic powerhouse, Germany is one of the world’s most developed societies. However, as birth rates have fallen, Germany is now ageing rapidly, creating challenges for social services and the labour market. The government is...

News update

The latest news and features on the international aspects of higher education.

14 July 2015
Study travel trip organiser, Horizons du Monde, is launching a cruise-based package in its quest to ensure its offer stands out in the busy marketplace for study travel products.
14 July 2015
A new study suggests that undergraduates are generally positive about the contribution of international undergraduates and lecturers to UK universities. More than half of the undergraduates surveyed also said that international students work harder than British ones.
30 June 2015
Some Australian universities warned students this month not to wear wristwatches during final exams, amid concerns that increasingly popular wearable technology, like the Apple Watch, could foster cheating.


Education Intelligence provides consultancy services based on a collaborative partnership with our clients, offering access to our expertise and resources. Initial consultations involve identifying client needs before defining their research challenge, and delivering an effective customised solution that helps drives growth and success.

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