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Education Intelligence is the British Council's global research team specialising in higher education. At the forefront of providing quality information on internationalisation activities and trends, Education Intelligence delivers timely, valuable and reliable data, research and analysis, enabling informed, and more effective decision-making and planning.

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Exclusive research that explores major education trends and identifies emerging opportunities.

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    With a booming economy and an expanding middle-class spending more discretionary income, Kenya may be poised to grow and develop further as part of the next region expected to boom. Meanwhile, the country also faces security challenges...

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    One of the world’s poorest countries, Nepal has been going through a momentous and extended political transition. A series of reforms are currently underway in an effort to create a more competitive education system in line with...

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The latest news and features on the international aspects of higher education.

26 February 2015
In the summer of 2014, Narendra Modi became India’s Prime Minister in a landslide election, giving him a mandate to launch much-needed reforms to the country’s education system.
26 February 2015
Top US universities that worked to overcome reputations for serving only children of the American elite are now pushing to do the same with their international students.
26 February 2015
The ICEF Monitor writes that at some point in the early part of this decade, Nigeria surpassed Morocco as the leading source of internationally mobile students in Africa.


Education Intelligence provides consultancy services based on a collaborative partnership with our clients, offering access to our expertise and resources. Initial consultations involve identifying client needs before defining their research challenge, and delivering an effective customised solution that helps drives growth and success.

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